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Stem Cells

After your wisdom teeth are removed, you can bank the stem cells from these teeth for future medical use.

Invest in Your Future Health

Regenerative medicine is a broad field, but it is an exciting frontier of medical science that is now available to us. Oral surgeons can maximize the effects of a wisdom tooth extraction procedure by harvesting the stem cells found in these teeth. Typically, wisdom teeth extractions occur during the mid to late teen years. They often aren’t removed because the teeth are unhealthy, but rather because there isn’t enough room for them in the mouth. Since they are healthy teeth, they contain a large number of stem cells that can be harvested and stored for future use.

Upstate Oral Surgery & Dental Implants provides specialized care for you and your loved ones. Whether you’d like more information about the extraction process or are ready to invest in you or your child’s future health, Dr. Curtis and his team are here to answer all of your questions.

After wisdom teeth are removed, Dr. Curtis will safely ship them to a secure laboratory. There, the stem cells will be banked safely until your child needs them. You simply pay an initial processing fee, then a monthly fee to provide safe storage of the stem cells.

What Are Stem Cells?

Stem cells have made it possible for potential cures to chronic diseases. This is because the body relies on these specialized cells to repair itself. The amount of damage that can be repaired depends on the number of specialized cells. However, adult stem cells, that were removed prior to a disease, can help repair most specialized forms of solid tissue.

There are two types of stem cells. The other type, cord blood banking, relies on embryonic stem cells. These cells develop during pregnancy in the heart and immune systems. However, adult stem cells are more resilient and can survive outside the body much longer than other cells. They also adapt more easily to specialized cells, giving them greater potential for replacement and restoration.

Why Bank Stem Cells?

Even though your child may have other teeth extracted, wisdom teeth are healthy teeth that are removed primarily because there isn’t enough room in the mouth, whereas other teeth are extracted because they are unhealthy. Wisdom teeth are storage units for stem cells, and the younger a child is, the higher the stem cell count is.

You can have peace of mind when it comes to your child’s future by banking stem cells today. Ask your doctor about stem cell banking. Utilizing powerful stem cells for the potential treatment of illness and disease is now a reality.