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Autotransplantation is an option for tooth replacement that involves surgically moving a tooth from one location in the mouth to another location in the same individual.

Why Autotransplantation?

Autotransplantation is a treatment that is recommended when a tooth needs to be moved into the correct position and other options, such as exposure and orthodontics, are not possible. It also helps when dealing with overcrowding. This procedure can be very successful in developing patients because the transplanted root can fuse to the bone in the tooth’s new position.

The Autotransplantation Procedure

The procedure of performing autotransplantation often requires a team of highly trained individuals, such as an oral surgeon, orthodontist, and a dental radiologist or technical support. Imaging is very useful to all of the professionals involved during this type of procedure, so 3D imaging may be recommended.

First, your orthodontist will perform pre-surgical treatment to prepare enough space at the recipient site in your mouth. This could mean having fixed or removable appliances for a few months prior to surgery. Once there is enough room for the donor tooth, Dr. Curtis will contour the recipient site, like smoothing or reshaping the bone, so that the donor tooth will fit correctly. The donor tooth is carefully extracted, placed into the prepared socket, and sutured into place.

The recovery for autotransplantation involves appointments with your orthodontist to straighten the tooth and achieve its final position. From there, restorative work is done when needed to improve the appearance of the transplanted tooth.

Autotransplantation in dentistry has been around since as early as ancient Egypt and has come a long way to be a safe and effective measure for restoring a smile. Dr. Curtis has excellent communication with nearby orthodontists to establish the right care plan for you and your transplant needs. When it comes to creating a healthy, confident smile, your team at Upstate Oral Surgery & Dental Implants is here to help. Please contact our office to request a consultation.